Love The Ride & Let Your Light Shine

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine ..

You can learn to enjoy life as an adventure. That is always fresh and new if you let yourself be taken where the river wants to go. Knowing that you are special, you have your own original story to tell, for the course of the river is always changing, and everyone leads a very different life  =)

You might like to write, then start keeping a journal or blog .. Every night before you go to sleep write a sentence or two about your day or anything that occurs to you. After a few months, take a look back at those pages. You’ll be *surprised with the stories, even might decide you have a story worth sharing with others.

What ever talent you have, whatever you like to do, that truly defines you, don’t hesitate to do it! Write or speak or dance or sing — communicate in whatever medium u choose, and often as you like, and share your unique light !   =)

Source: How To Save Your Own Life by Michael Gates Gill

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