Breathing Space

Hectic life .. Find it hard to “breath” ??



Take control of your attitude – You’ll be surprised at how these POSITIVE CHANGES can transform your life (even your SELF-IMAGE)

1. Put your inner Sasha Fierce to rest

Even Beyonce is said to have done so. There won’t be a need to create an alter ego if you can embrace all your multiple personalities as one complete package — YOU.

2. Never underestimate the power of quality undergarments

Sure, the outside world isn’t going to see them, but if you feel great in your fabulous foundational underwear, it is bound to show in the  way you carry yourself.

3. Put a string in your step

Shoulders back, chin up, play your favourite tunes in your head, and walk through the beat of your favourite music. Go ahead and bounce a little too — you’ll find your step will be so much lighter!


4. Resist being a slave to clothing label sizes

Wear what feels comfortable, no matter what the label says. When you’re not self-consciously tugging at them, you’ll feel much more at ease with yourself to engage with what’s happening around you.

5. Dump those fake friends and energy zappers — No matter how “cool” they are — and choose to be with positive people who make you feel comfortable and help you grow. THE GOOD VIBES WILL DO YOU WONDERS !

6. Nip those negative thoughts about yourself in the bud

The only person judging you harshly is you! People are more accepting than we give them credit for. So ease up, speak up and focus on your strong points, NOT YOUR FLAWS.

7. Give your booty a boost

Find a physical activity that you enjoy because exercise is a proven enhancer of moods. It releases those feel-good endorphins, so the more you move your body, the better you’ll feel about yourself. So, GET UP! Get moving today  =D

8. Learn to be generous with compliments

When you get into the habit of looking out for the best in others and praising them for it, you will indirectly be able to see the good in yourself too. Cool, huh?

9. Whenever you sit in a chair, think of it as one of your comfy chairs at home. Don’t slump into it though. Just settle down, release the tension in your body and make yourself at home. When the body is comfortable, the mind is comfortable.

10. Simplify your life

If you are taking on more than you can chew, it may be time to let some things go so that you can focus on life’s greater goals. When you keep your eye on what is meaningful to you, you’ll find yourself genuinely happy and at peace  =)

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