Should Schools Teach Relationship Education?


“I think it’s interesting that schools today have classes for kids in SEX EDUCATION- but not RELATIONSHIP EDUCATION. Why is that?”

Mission :

Offer young girls pre-emptive damage control for their relationships – so she can lower the divorce rate for her generation – and all generations thereafter.

Lindsay Kriger, the 22 year old empassioned founder of If Only I Knew, says

“Why is that girls aren’t taught at a younger age how to be the best partners to guys? Instead are taught how to hook guys – and how to be great business women. But, because we’re not taught how to be better partners, the divorce rate is at 60% percent.”

 “I’ve always felt that they should teach relationship skills in school. We’ve been talking about this for decades and maybe this will be the wave of the future in education. Our education is somewhat archaic in that it still teaches the same components that served the industrialized era and then we wonder why we have so many social problems and breakdowns of families, relationships and struggles with child rearing. ” — Lindsay


“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone , there’s one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor would be ATTITUDE”



Source : The Book of If Only I knew, Lindsay Kriger

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