The Problem with Fresh Grads Today !!

Chief reasons why employers shy away from hiring fresh graduates :

  1. Poor Attitude (including asking too much $$)
  2. Poor in English

Chief operating officer, Suresh Thiru :

Previous surveys named POOR ENGLISH as the main cause for unemployment, BAD ATTITUDE has now TOPPED THE LIST.

He said their attitudes were so bad that some did not even bother to inform the companies if they were running late or unable to attend scheduled interviews.

It was announced that the number of jobless graduates had increased from 65,500 to 71,600 although the overall unemployment rate had dropped from 3.4% last year to 3.1% during the first quarter of this year.

Employer says :

  •   We were also turned off by the lackadaisical attitude and lack of drive to improve among many of them.
  • Candidates have the misconception that they can earn high salaries at entry-level.
  • Some candidates had many offers in hand but acted unprofessionally in rejecting job offers – by not turning up for interviews or the first day at work.

Advises :

  • It is more important to join a company that can develop your skills and prepare you for future opportunities.

Cathryn says:

Attitude is the way you look at things around you. A positive disposition towards experiences shapes you for the rest of your life. Success and happiness at workplace largely depends on your attitude. Needless to say what the results will be if you have a winning attitude  =)

Source:  Malaysia Today

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