The Power of WORDS is in Your Mind alone

Hi Everybody,

We speak with words and listen to them, but what are words actually??

Words are among the MOST DANGEROUS powers a person can wield. When what you hear is Not what the other person is trying to say , vice versa – A conversation can quickly turn into a confrontation.

The best precaution are first, Not to take the words we hear literally, and second, Not to trust your own interpretation of others’ statements. For example: If you are in a bad mood, you may interpret a comment negatively.

Many arguments erupt because we interpret words according to what they mean to us rather than to the speaker.

However, once you understand WORDS are nothing more than concepts with a meaning understood individually and not  necessarily identically by everyone, your perspective will quickly expand. You will discover that words are only the beginning — A means of opening mind to receive a thought. Accepting that your words have different meanings to different people will greatly improve your ability to communicate without conflict because that concept will force you to choose your words carefully.

Words are our main form of communication. Words have the greatest power to make us happy or sad, aggravated or elated. How can something that has no material reality have such a powerful effect over us Emotionally and Physically??

Words themselves have No Power. It is when they reached the listeners’ mind and get interpreted they need a Value and Power. The Power of Words is in your Mind alone.

The strength of words is entirely subjective and personal. They are a knife that you pick up and stick directly into your own heart, through your mind.

If someone put a knife on the table, and you didn’t pick it up, then it could do you No harm. But, if you did pick it up, and then stick it to your own heart, who is to blame? The bizarre question is why do we continually pick up the knife and stick it in deep then twist it around some more.

How you interpret the meaning of words is based on your own opinion, which in effect is your subjective view of the world. The Subjective person lives looking through boxes and past experiences ; The Objective person has No boxes to carry around. A Subjective person is the prisoner to their thoughts and opinions; An Objective person is free to choose what they think and adapt spontaneously.

Your Subjective interpretation of a word is the real cause of conflict and arguments because you interpret what you hear based on your pre-formed opinion rather than what is relevant for the situation (or the speaker). There are so many factors which affect the true meaning behind a spoken word or the tone used, getting lost in the translation from one subjective mind to another subjective mind.

Any emotional reaction to another person’s words stems 100% from the identification in your own mind and has nothing to do with the words themselves. Words have no power other than that which you give them. Conflict cannot exist for an objective person.

End this by developing an Objective view of words rather than a subjective interpretation of their meaning based on your personal state. If the speaker says something then the words must be based on the Speakers’ emotional state, Not the Listeners‘.

One who has found the power of words and ease by which we are manipulated so subtly by the words and event for every moment, and has disarmed their power, cannot be insulted or hurt.

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