Power of How Events Control Our Life

Events trigger memories ; Memories trigger identification.

Every moment you are being exposed to multiple stimulus through all your senses. There are always sounds, sights, smells, and sensations of temperature and texture that your senses are registering.

Situation :

When you smell a perfume that reminds you of someone from the past, your mood may change to the mood of that relationship, pleasant or angry, or sadness if you miss the person. You had not been thinking of them, but the perfume brought them to your mind.

An event could be a conversation and someone says something that triggers an emotional reaction, even though that person had no intention or idea that what they said would affect you.

That is the danger and Power of how events control our life, we are unconscious of their workings.

When we are growing up and see something for the first time, we are told what everything is.. And so we learn and have our program set for how we deal with life.


A parent is scared of spiders, they may instill a fear of spiders in you as a child by repeating to stay away from them (perhaps telling you that they are very dangerous).

Question What you See

This does not mean to doubt what you see, but rather to doubt your interpretation of what you see. Remind yourself that you are seeing through your programmed mind, which can easily be fooled, even by itself and your fragmentation. Any event, good or bad, is all in your mind based on how you see and interpret things.

Know that this is how your mind is functioning and question if what you think you sees or hear is truly the reality of what you are seeing, which is just a “reflection of light, rather than the thing itself.”

That light is the wisdom mind, clear thought. That light is obstructed by the veil of your personality, the fragments, buffers, self-lying and so on.

As long as you live with those defects, the light in your mind, meaning your mind that is processing everything you see and hear, is obstructed like having your finger over the lens of the camera, you only see part of the image.

Do Not take everything as it appears to you until you are capable of seeing objectively, in a clear undistorting light as if for the first time.

Source : All is Mind, David Samuel

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