World’s Greatest Architectural Masterpiece — Taj Mahal

The Taj MahalSymbol of India , architectural jewel, monument to a grand passion. The Taj Mahal was built in the 17th century by Shah Jahan, the king of the world, ruler of India mighty Mogul Empire.

This great warrior king gave the world an architectural masterpiece of a kind that never seen before. This is how it came to be made. It’s also the legend of his queen, the beautiful Mumtaz Mahal, and of their love too perfect to survive. The chosen one of the palace will have her final resting place in the world’s most beautiful building. With the magnificent chamber of the Taj Mahal hide a secret. Shah Jahan will pay a terrible price to complete his life work and the turning point in India history.

Today, Taj Mahal was one of the Worlds’ greatest tourist distractions. Every year more than 3 million people come to see humanity loveliest building with their own eyes. But for the Indian nation, Taj Mahal is much more than an architectural masterpiece.

This is one of the monument makes India what it is. It gives the people their identity, it makes them proud. The building is the symbol of whole nation. The Taj Mahal was built in the most glorious period in Indian history. This creator, a man who dedicated his life to a dream, great Mogul Shah Jahan.  The building that emerged from his plan, perfectly combined grace and scales, power and beauty. The Taj Mahal, crown of the palace. The inner sanctum of the Taj Mahal is the tomb for Mumtaz Mahal, the love of Shah Jahan’s life. In her memory, the great Mogul created this eternal love poem in stone.

The building of the Taj commenced in 1632, an army of elephants began dragging construction materials to the Mogul capital. This would be the biggest building project of the age.  In a few short years, the shell of the Taj Mahal is complete, ready to be clad with flawless marble. Taj Mahal complete with a work force of more than 20,000 men. It was finally finished in 1653 at a cost of 32 million Rupee or $400 million in today’s prices.

The location of the Taj at the banks of the Yamuna River was a special challenge; rarely find ground solid enough to build them.

So, have to dig down until you hit hard dry earth. They came up with the brilliant solution to this problem. They decided to build a well foundation that was revolution idea for those times.

The great Mogul engineers dig deep well to build the water table, then they fill them up with rocks and water. On this space, the master builder erects stone columns links together by massive arches. The result, a solid mountain of stone to support the foundation of the building, protecting the Taj from the currents of the Yamuna River forever.

Everyday, countless visitors come to visit. Partly because the Mogul architect use some remarkable optical tricks. The first view of the monument was framed by the main gate. As the visitor moves closer, the Taj Mahal seems to get smaller. It seems to grow bigger if you walk away. The guide here says, when you leave, you take the Taj with you, in your heart.

As the visitor moves closer, the Taj Mahal seems to get smaller. It seems to grow bigger if you walk away.

The four tall pillars bring another advantage. In an earthquake, the pillars will collapse outward spearing the Taj and its mighty doom.

Today, we have other options, we can build giant supporting structure and steel for tomb like that .We have the other materials, but they have to solve all the problems in stone !!

There is the extraordinary appeal the Taj makes to our senses. Shah Jahan had the entire tomb faced in white marble.

Every hour, as the sun moves across the sky, the light changes the colour of the marble. Before dawn, it is a pearly grey, which quickly turns to pink as the sun rises. In the mid-day sun it is a dazzling white which turns to fiery gold as the sunsets.

Taj in Dawn

Taj in Sunrise

Taj in Sunset

In 1666, at the age of 74, Shah Jahan dies. His chronicle ends with the words

The King of the world has died, the body was taken by the river to the magnificent tomb of the late queen Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan is reunited with his chosen one of the palace. The legacy will make them immortal. The most perfect building in the world.



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  1. It is indeed a great masterpiece that perhaps symbolizes everything that is beautiful in India. You are blessed to have something that beautiful in your country. i hope to see it too and just gaze and stare and savor its awesomeness. And to think it wasn’t bulit for power, but for sheer love. I am in awe.

  2. Awesome,very beautiful !!

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