Not just a company – A “Cause”

What ideas is your company fighting for? What values does your company stand for? What purpose does your company serve?

Anyone who’s running a business has to figure out the higher calling of that business, its purpose! Purpose is about the difference you’re trying to make – in the market place, in the world. If everybody is selling the same thing, what’s the tie-breaker? It’s purpose!

Southwest Airline has become such a mass-market icon. However, the company does not offer first-class service or in-flight meals like the other airlines. What differentiates Southwest Airline is that the company sticks with it purpose – Keep the fare low & customers are free to move about the country.

Low fare in Southwest Airline doesn’t mean bad service! Quite the opposite: the company’s gate agents, flight attendants, even its pilots, are famous for their flashy smiles, showy personalities, and of course corny sense of humour  =)

Anyone who has flown Southwest on special occasion (Halloween..etc) .. had almost-blessed holiday at the fun-loving airline. This is an airline that flies on a “different kind of fuel from its competitors.” Indeed, Southwest Airline would be one of the helpful examples ever of the power of strategy as advocacy. This is a company whose differentiate value system, rather than any breakthrough technology or extraordinary business insight, explains its rival success !!

The strategic lessons behind Southwest Airlines remarkable flight path – Southwest didn’t flourish because its fares were cheaper than the other Airlines or because its service was friendlier than the not-so-friendly Airlines. Southwest flourished because it re-imagined what it means to be an airline. It purpose is to “democratize” the skies – to make air travel as available and as flexible for the average customers ..

A good purpose should serve to guide and inspire the organization for years, perhaps a century or more.

Well, the term- PURPOSE not just apply in any business yet it applies in our life too !! The values you stand for serves as your “own-brand”. It differentiates you from the others  =)

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