How “They” Started Global Brands?

Hi Everybody, have you ever wonder how “they” actually started Global Brands? Well, I would like to share a lil bit or more about the book that I’ve currently read – How They Started Global Brand.

This book is about 21 businesses that began by someone acting on their idea, making the decision to start a business. These businesses then grew to be incredibly successful and world renown! (You’ll be amazed and fascinated by many of the stories behind these businesses.)

Let me list some of the brands here  =)

Without delusion, reading this book will generally trigger thoughts. It is captivating to learn why some of the products we take for granted actually came about.  Just how much was carefully planned, happened by pure chance ?? It’s intriguing to wonder how things might have been without some of those twist of fate. One factor that makes this more interesting is the speed of growth of some global businesses, like Google and Bebo (Millions of people using it regularly). That’s the nature of the world we live in, with technology speeding up the rate at which some businesses can grow.

Whatever reasons for reading this book, it delivers what I want to know about the stories behind some of the world’s biggest brands, including :

  • Where the idea came from
  • How the brand names were chosen
  • When the businesses first started
  • The challenges the founders faced
  • Secret of brand’s success

Two significant values I’ve learnt from the book were: Passion for the idea, and the determination to find a way through no matter what problems are encountered.

Specifically, it is very rare for a business to succeed that is founded by someone whose passion is just to make their fortune (none were set up by someone just keen to make big bugs); The majority were founded by someone who were passionate about their offering.

Do what you love to do, the Passion’s what keep you going.

  -Donald Trump-

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  1. Coca-Cola?Nike?

    That book sounds interesting… I have to buy that at Amazon !


    • Hi renxkyoko! I’m Cathryn. Yea, the book’s great ! Get to know how all the brands actually started humble .. before going global. Anyways, do you have facebook? I would like to keep in touch with you =) And of course, thanks for the comment.

      Have a nice day!

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