What will you do with your future?

Hi Everybody ..

What will you do with your future ?

It ain’t the first time I’ve been exposed to the same question.

Japheth Lim always ask ” what do you think yourself going to be in 5 or 10 years time? “

I would say I’m still in the progress of “searching” .. I’ll keep looking for my passion and direction which are going to contour me (what I want myself to be) in 5 to 10 years time.

Anyways, I would like to share something from John Von Achen’s seminar — How To Create Your Best Day Ever 

John Von Achen has a question for you ” What will you do with your future? “

You have two choices really ..

  • You can choose to just Survive


  • You can choose to live with Value

If you choose to live with Value, and decide to prosper , and commit to focused goals. Anything is possible .. (with well-planned)

Because ,

The best can still be in front of you ..

your future is in your hands..

inside you is untapped potential..

you have unlimited value..

you are unique and special..

You can achieve what you put your mind to !!

So choose to :

Enlarge your vision

Retrain your brain

Increase your confidense

Attract the good around you

Seize the profitable opportunities in your path

Step forward daily

Positively engage relationships

Unleash your maximum wealth

[ And don’t forget to ..]

Decide what you want !

Prepare for your future ..

Believe in yourself

Plan before you do

Ask questions and question everything

Avoid the negatives

Move outside of your comfort zone

Let go of the past



Well, all these are wide-ranging inspirational quotes .. and I perhaps Most of us had heard pretty much about it already. Giggle

Somehow, I would like to share it again, here in my blog .. To “Remind” you  =D

Have a nice day !

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