8 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Right Now

With Facebook and Twitter only a distracting click away, it’s easy to take a break from your job and say,

” Argh, I’ll do it later. “

How to Kick off  Procrastinations ??

Understanding the causes and temptations of procrastination is the first step to eliminating it.

1. Schedule you time in smaller increments

On your study week, there is a difference between saying, ” I’ll study one chapter in 2 to 3 days than saying, I’ll study four chapters in a week.”

2. Create hard-and-fast deadlines

Instead of thinking you will work on your tasks for three hours every morning, determine when you want certain tasks completed.

3. Map out all your deadlines on one calendar

That way, you’ll see that your tasks are all interrelated. If your task today affects your task tomorrow, you will experience an “urgency to act.”

4. Hang out with people who don’t procrastinate

Hang out with people who inspire you. They’ll infuse some of their drive and spirit into your work ethic.

5. Hang out with people who already living in your dream

Connect with people who have already achieved your dream and seek advice on how they accomplished it.

6. Announce your goals to others

If your friends know about your goals, they are bound to ask you about them on a regular basis — serving as an accountable reminder.

7. Reward yourself

If you spend too much time on something, you may start to resent it. Realize that hard work should be rewarded  =)

8. When your plan is failing, Re-plan

Take a step back and decide what it is exactly that you want to achieve and what steps you should take to get there.

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today

                                                                    – Benjamin Franklin

Ric Elias – A man who faced ” death “

Kick procrastination to the curb for good  =)


Source: Business Insiders

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