Define Me – Cathryn Yap See Ling


It’s another Friday people !!  May God Bless you with a Gradient Smile on your face =)

Well, Xin Kun just enthused me this morning, and had made me somehow gonna *blog about myself (A Tale of – How a Lost Girl Found Her Track).

Frankly, I’m kinda in Lost after my STPM. Well, define “Lost”. I don’t really know my path, wondering Where should I heading to Next, standing at the cross road like everyone else does. Why BBA was chosen, too bad to say, I’m actually following Others Footsteps- My friend’s footsteps. I don’t know what am I going to do with the course, I can’t really see what myself going to be after I grad. After all, I don’t see my “Directions” as I’m living in other else’s life.

My philosophy was so simple :

Enter Uni- spend my three and a half years time in the campus- Grad- Work.

I perhaps Most of you out there had the same philosophy as I once did, some of you even Living in that “philosophy” ; but No offense aites =)

Time flies, semesters throughout semesters, I study because I have to study. Until the last semester break, someone seriously did inspired me. God blessed me with this guy, he somehow inspired me in many ways. His passion successfully made a Lost girl (me) back on track again. I grew up so much with this guy came along in my life. He’s probably one of the most Amazing guy I’ll ever come across; with so much passion and talent which constantly inspired me to do better. He’s being very supportive, driving me along the way. He never been selfish enough to share his experiences, thoughts with Everyone else around him. He blesses Everyone with his sincerity, his smiles, his faith.. He inherits the blesses through sharing the Ups and Downs with you like a Guardian Angel =)

As what happened already happened. I’ve chose BBA as my course. Life goes on. I started to seek my passion in business. I started to ask myself what am I going to be after I officially grad. Am I going to stuck my whole working life in a “office box” or any other consultation companies or banks? What can I see myself in 10 years time ..etc

Once again, God blessed me with a Professor, someone whom I accidentally bumped into while I was reading all the ” business books ” in cafe. Seeing all the books lying on the table, he came across and asked ” what is business means to you? ” Of course, my answer never really did satisfied him. Cos according to him, my answer could somehow apply only in my examination paper x) After that I had an hour conversation with him. Surprisingly, I’ve learned so much throughout this ” One hour- conversation” ! Even far more than what I’ve learned throughout my semesters. This is No joke, people x)

Business is a Big Word. According to the Professor, apparently we got so much to do with Business, therefore, it’s a Must for us to Enlarge our scope of vision rather than constantly trapped ourselves in the Comfort Zone. It’s just up to you whether you choose to serve the “customers” or the “community”. I somehow find my direction in Social Enterprise, I choose to Serve The Community. I don’t know if I have my own dreams, but I do know I could help others. I neither a Great Philanthropist nor Goodwill Ambassador but will certainly play my little part to serve the community as a whole.

Thank God for the Wonderful people ( Family, Love ones, Anyone else that plays their role in my life) that He had placed around me, they are like Angels in my Life. These people had colored the pages of – My Book of Life. God had created us with his Purpose. God’s guidance and help is what we need day to day.

One measure of our Love for God is how much we show love to His children.


My Purpose of Life is to worship God. Love His children- through the Act of Giving =)

Thus, I’ve found my Direction in Social Enterprise. How about you?

You can start living on Purpose today.

  -Rick Warren-


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