I’m Blessed, so do You

I am blessed. I am blessed to have all the inspiring man around me, allow me to gain an opportunity to perceive how they actually have their life-changing experience through every decision they have made, how they actually embark their Life-Journey with colors. Do remember people, they pursue the identical education system as we do (doesn’t matter with IPTA or IPTS), but why are they so distinctive (what shapes them differently)? I personally find out all these Inspiring man, they have One thing in common – Sacrifice. They sacrifice. The moment, you discover an honorable smile on the stage, cheer for their utmost honor, have you ever wonder how much they have actually sacrificed? How much they have actually vanished behind the stage? The journey is never easy; all these facets keep reminding me, and constantly inspire me to change for the better (benchmark the inspiring ones).

Nevertheless, I am blessed again by having a supportive family. My parents are modestly accessible. They assist their children whenever regard as necessary; they let their children fall, in turn to allow their children to stand up again with their own foot, just to be tough and independent all the time.

I Love you Dad, I Love you Mum, I Love you Bro  ❤

I do not have much impressive achievements. I would like to say, I’m still in the process of learning, grabbing my opportunity to actually explore the surroundings. But, I will not lose my faith; Because, I believe God will lead me along the way, He will provide me with strength; Also, I have my supportive family, my love one, the “benchmarkSs”, even positive friends. I understand this is in no way as easy as it looks, because not everyone is going to see the same level of importance in the work I do. However, I believe with every roadblock I hit, I am given more time to think of an even better approach for my goal.  I believe someday I am going to be one of the change makers, who make a difference =)

I have my decision to make now. So do you, Do Not Hesitate n Let’s do it !



Explore the people and things around you. Doesn’t have to be any Great person or any Awesome thingy, each people has their own story to tell, each thing has its own worth of existence. Living in a hustle bustle city, kindly allow yourself to hold up your footsteps for a little while, you’ll surprised yourself with unforeseen great deeds. Trust me =)


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