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Giving Changes Everything

Hey peeps ! Ever thought of Entrepreneurship?! How about Social-Entrepreneurship =D

What if with the Simply act of Giving you could have achieve a Life of significance? What would that look like to you? More family time, living dead free or making a living by making a Difference. How about enriching lives of others? Including those who you care most about.

What if you could achieve all of these and at the same time help to fight the No.1 of health risk that most children faced in the world today. A research indicates that up to one half of all childhood deaths in the world due to Malnutrition. What if we could discovered the most advanced solution for helping to fight this problem — Social Entrepreneurship. We could help to change the world through the Simple Act of Giving.


Social Entrepreneurship means:

Rewarding ordinary people for making an extraordinary impact on the world.

Anyone regardless to their Age, Education, Experience can become a Social Entrepreneur. Old Business Models require you to excel in Marketing, Selling, Training. However, in this New Business Model, Success could come through the Simple Act of Giving.


Because Giving changes Everything.

And the best part would be what you Give away Cost you Nothing. That’s right, It’s Free to Give. So now, it’s Up to you. Simply choose to give and become the part of the world changing movements. Because if you had figured it out by now, Giving Changes Everything =)


Individual entrepreneurs and the power of getting entrepreneurial for young people

Greetings people, Larry C. Farrell just had an “ Entrepreneurial Talk” in Seminar Hall A, Convention Centre, UUM on 14 September 2011. It’s definitely our honor to have Mr. Farrell to educate UUMers on the true means of Entrepreneurship (The power of getting entrepreneurial for young people). Despite, share his personal experiences in entrepreneurship (something inspiring !!).

Well people, Welcome to the New Entrepreneurial Age !

Entrepreneurial plays the most significant role in this age. Why ?? Because as we all know, entrepreneur create jobs. For your information, worldwide job creation has became a ” race to the bottom ” . This is chiefly because job creation seems to go to cheaper labor ( Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India ..etc )

Therefore, K.T. Li had proposed a ” Job/ Baby ” ratio. According to K.T. Li if we tend to create more babies, we have to create more jobs!

Why people, companies, and countries all need ” it ” ??

This is mainly for the people, companies and countries to survive the 21st century, downsized and uncertainties, even global economy. In order to fend yourself in a downsized and uncertain world. Looks entrepreneurship as one of the career options, especially in this golden entrepreneurial age  =)  Therefore, indirectly put in the plain words ” why some countries are richer than the others” .

Let’s move further to ” Entrepreneurial Basic ” ( This would be what Mr. Farrell keep mentioning throughout the talk )

Sense of mission

Feeling what you’re doing is important!

Customer/product vision

This is the most important words in business.

Understand the customers, that what’s matter — Steve Jobs

High-speed innovation

Akio Morita, Founder of Sony

Moving quickly is the secret of entrepreneurship – Akio Morita, founder of Sony.

This could be explained by the “creation” of  Sony Walkman that “ruled” the entertainment years back. And now, we have ” iPad, iPhone ..etc

Self-inspired behavior

One of the factors that could distinguish Entrepreneur from the Manager would be; Entrepreneur loves their product. They understand the consequences if they don’t have “something” to sell, they have no ” cash ” to feed their family. Entrepreneur ever thought of ” do it to get rich“. They believe bad performance = bad consequences. Entrepreneur lives life like this. How to possess self-inspired behavior? Of course, with higher commitment, would eventually leads to higher performance =)

Managing is the easy part. Inventing the worlds next great product is what’s hard.

  -Steve Jobs-

Sarah Breedlove

A woman, with 3 children, no husband, without higher education; yet she’s the first Self-made woman millionaire !

If she has Nothing to do Something, I believe we can Do even More.

Do you remember when you were a kid? A kid, and you thought you could do anything?

You still CAN. Because a lot of what we consider impossible is easy to overcome, because in case you haven’t noticed, we live in a place where One individual can make a difference.

Want proof?  Just look at the people who built our country:  Our parents, grandparents, our aunt n uncles, even immigrants, newcomers, they are Ready to make their mark. Maybe they came with very little, or perhaps they didn’t own anything except for a Single Brilliant Idea. These people were doer, innovators. Until they came up with the name – Entrepreneurs!

They change the way we think about what is possible. They have a clear vision of how life can be better for all of us, even when times are tough.  Right now, it’s hard to see, when our view is cluttered with Obstacles, but Turbulence creates opportunities for success and achievement and pushes us to discover new ways of doing things.

So what opportunities will you go after and why? If you’re an Entrepreneur, you know that risk isn’t the reward. No. The rewards are driving Innovation. Entrepreneur change people’s lives, create jobs, fuel growth, and make a better world!

Entrepreneur are everywhere, they run small businesses that support our  economy, design tools to help you stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues around the world. And they’re finding new ways of helping to solve society’s oldest problems (Social Entrepreneur).

Do you know an Entrepreneur? Entrepreneur can be anyone even.. YOU.

Could be You

So, seize the opportunity to create the job you always wanted. Help heal the economy, make a difference =)  Take your business to new heights, but most importantly, remember when you were a kid, when everything was within your reach, and then say to yourself quietly, but with Determination: It still is ..  =)


How “They” Started Global Brands?

Hi Everybody, have you ever wonder how “they” actually started Global Brands? Well, I would like to share a lil bit or more about the book that I’ve currently read – How They Started Global Brand.

This book is about 21 businesses that began by someone acting on their idea, making the decision to start a business. These businesses then grew to be incredibly successful and world renown! (You’ll be amazed and fascinated by many of the stories behind these businesses.)

Let me list some of the brands here  =)

Without delusion, reading this book will generally trigger thoughts. It is captivating to learn why some of the products we take for granted actually came about.  Just how much was carefully planned, happened by pure chance ?? It’s intriguing to wonder how things might have been without some of those twist of fate. One factor that makes this more interesting is the speed of growth of some global businesses, like Google and Bebo (Millions of people using it regularly). That’s the nature of the world we live in, with technology speeding up the rate at which some businesses can grow.

Whatever reasons for reading this book, it delivers what I want to know about the stories behind some of the world’s biggest brands, including :

  • Where the idea came from
  • How the brand names were chosen
  • When the businesses first started
  • The challenges the founders faced
  • Secret of brand’s success

Two significant values I’ve learnt from the book were: Passion for the idea, and the determination to find a way through no matter what problems are encountered.

Specifically, it is very rare for a business to succeed that is founded by someone whose passion is just to make their fortune (none were set up by someone just keen to make big bugs); The majority were founded by someone who were passionate about their offering.

Do what you love to do, the Passion’s what keep you going.

  -Donald Trump-

Not just a company – A “Cause”

What ideas is your company fighting for? What values does your company stand for? What purpose does your company serve?

Anyone who’s running a business has to figure out the higher calling of that business, its purpose! Purpose is about the difference you’re trying to make – in the market place, in the world. If everybody is selling the same thing, what’s the tie-breaker? It’s purpose!

Southwest Airline has become such a mass-market icon. However, the company does not offer first-class service or in-flight meals like the other airlines. What differentiates Southwest Airline is that the company sticks with it purpose – Keep the fare low & customers are free to move about the country.

Low fare in Southwest Airline doesn’t mean bad service! Quite the opposite: the company’s gate agents, flight attendants, even its pilots, are famous for their flashy smiles, showy personalities, and of course corny sense of humour  =)

Anyone who has flown Southwest on special occasion (Halloween..etc) .. had almost-blessed holiday at the fun-loving airline. This is an airline that flies on a “different kind of fuel from its competitors.” Indeed, Southwest Airline would be one of the helpful examples ever of the power of strategy as advocacy. This is a company whose differentiate value system, rather than any breakthrough technology or extraordinary business insight, explains its rival success !!

The strategic lessons behind Southwest Airlines remarkable flight path – Southwest didn’t flourish because its fares were cheaper than the other Airlines or because its service was friendlier than the not-so-friendly Airlines. Southwest flourished because it re-imagined what it means to be an airline. It purpose is to “democratize” the skies – to make air travel as available and as flexible for the average customers ..

A good purpose should serve to guide and inspire the organization for years, perhaps a century or more.

Well, the term- PURPOSE not just apply in any business yet it applies in our life too !! The values you stand for serves as your “own-brand”. It differentiates you from the others  =)