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Recalling Jack & The Beanstalk

Saturday is relaxing although the air quality wasn’t that good due to the open burning of the neighbor country. However, it didn’t kills off my excitement to attend the Orchestra for Jack & The Beanstalk. It held in Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra, KLCC; conducted by Ciaran McAuley. It’s family fun day so the whole 1 hour session is interactive with a cast of four actors, outrageous puppets and a stunning 60-foot beanstalk that rises from the stage to the ceiling in just seconds, this wildly entertaining concert-story provides plenty of unexpected twists, turns, and a constant parade of inspired theatrics. The whole experience is Great, will definitely revisit again.


I’m Blessed, so do You

I am blessed. I am blessed to have all the inspiring man around me, allow me to gain an opportunity to perceive how they actually have their life-changing experience through every decision they have made, how they actually embark their Life-Journey with colors. Do remember people, they pursue the identical education system as we do (doesn’t matter with IPTA or IPTS), but why are they so distinctive (what shapes them differently)? I personally find out all these Inspiring man, they have One thing in common – Sacrifice. They sacrifice. The moment, you discover an honorable smile on the stage, cheer for their utmost honor, have you ever wonder how much they have actually sacrificed? How much they have actually vanished behind the stage? The journey is never easy; all these facets keep reminding me, and constantly inspire me to change for the better (benchmark the inspiring ones).

Nevertheless, I am blessed again by having a supportive family. My parents are modestly accessible. They assist their children whenever regard as necessary; they let their children fall, in turn to allow their children to stand up again with their own foot, just to be tough and independent all the time.

I Love you Dad, I Love you Mum, I Love you Bro  ❤

I do not have much impressive achievements. I would like to say, I’m still in the process of learning, grabbing my opportunity to actually explore the surroundings. But, I will not lose my faith; Because, I believe God will lead me along the way, He will provide me with strength; Also, I have my supportive family, my love one, the “benchmarkSs”, even positive friends. I understand this is in no way as easy as it looks, because not everyone is going to see the same level of importance in the work I do. However, I believe with every roadblock I hit, I am given more time to think of an even better approach for my goal.  I believe someday I am going to be one of the change makers, who make a difference =)

I have my decision to make now. So do you, Do Not Hesitate n Let’s do it !



Explore the people and things around you. Doesn’t have to be any Great person or any Awesome thingy, each people has their own story to tell, each thing has its own worth of existence. Living in a hustle bustle city, kindly allow yourself to hold up your footsteps for a little while, you’ll surprised yourself with unforeseen great deeds. Trust me =)

Define Me – Cathryn Yap See Ling


It’s another Friday people !!  May God Bless you with a Gradient Smile on your face =)

Well, Xin Kun just enthused me this morning, and had made me somehow gonna *blog about myself (A Tale of – How a Lost Girl Found Her Track).

Frankly, I’m kinda in Lost after my STPM. Well, define “Lost”. I don’t really know my path, wondering Where should I heading to Next, standing at the cross road like everyone else does. Why BBA was chosen, too bad to say, I’m actually following Others Footsteps- My friend’s footsteps. I don’t know what am I going to do with the course, I can’t really see what myself going to be after I grad. After all, I don’t see my “Directions” as I’m living in other else’s life.

My philosophy was so simple :

Enter Uni- spend my three and a half years time in the campus- Grad- Work.

I perhaps Most of you out there had the same philosophy as I once did, some of you even Living in that “philosophy” ; but No offense aites =)

Time flies, semesters throughout semesters, I study because I have to study. Until the last semester break, someone seriously did inspired me. God blessed me with this guy, he somehow inspired me in many ways. His passion successfully made a Lost girl (me) back on track again. I grew up so much with this guy came along in my life. He’s probably one of the most Amazing guy I’ll ever come across; with so much passion and talent which constantly inspired me to do better. He’s being very supportive, driving me along the way. He never been selfish enough to share his experiences, thoughts with Everyone else around him. He blesses Everyone with his sincerity, his smiles, his faith.. He inherits the blesses through sharing the Ups and Downs with you like a Guardian Angel =)

As what happened already happened. I’ve chose BBA as my course. Life goes on. I started to seek my passion in business. I started to ask myself what am I going to be after I officially grad. Am I going to stuck my whole working life in a “office box” or any other consultation companies or banks? What can I see myself in 10 years time ..etc

Once again, God blessed me with a Professor, someone whom I accidentally bumped into while I was reading all the ” business books ” in cafe. Seeing all the books lying on the table, he came across and asked ” what is business means to you? ” Of course, my answer never really did satisfied him. Cos according to him, my answer could somehow apply only in my examination paper x) After that I had an hour conversation with him. Surprisingly, I’ve learned so much throughout this ” One hour- conversation” ! Even far more than what I’ve learned throughout my semesters. This is No joke, people x)

Business is a Big Word. According to the Professor, apparently we got so much to do with Business, therefore, it’s a Must for us to Enlarge our scope of vision rather than constantly trapped ourselves in the Comfort Zone. It’s just up to you whether you choose to serve the “customers” or the “community”. I somehow find my direction in Social Enterprise, I choose to Serve The Community. I don’t know if I have my own dreams, but I do know I could help others. I neither a Great Philanthropist nor Goodwill Ambassador but will certainly play my little part to serve the community as a whole.

Thank God for the Wonderful people ( Family, Love ones, Anyone else that plays their role in my life) that He had placed around me, they are like Angels in my Life. These people had colored the pages of – My Book of Life. God had created us with his Purpose. God’s guidance and help is what we need day to day.

One measure of our Love for God is how much we show love to His children.


My Purpose of Life is to worship God. Love His children- through the Act of Giving =)

Thus, I’ve found my Direction in Social Enterprise. How about you?

You can start living on Purpose today.

  -Rick Warren-

The Island of Memories – Penang

Hey peeps !

I’m gonna blog about Penang  =D

As stated in the title : Penang – The Island of Memories. Frankly speaking, I had quite some memories with this Island of Pearl (Penang). Therefore, it feels like “ home ” whenever I step the earth of Penang, the familiarity whenever I make myself on the ferry (an aged transportation that never fade its glory, symbolizes Penang ).

Well yea.. Penang’s a fascinating fusion of the East and West, Penang embraces modernity while retaining its traditions and old world charm. These are reflected in its harmonious multiracial populace and well-preserved heritage buildings which led to George Town being accorded a listing as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site recently. Long regarded as the food capital of Malaysia, Penang also entices visitors with its beautiful coasts ( Ferringhi Beach ! My favorite hide-out with friends) and scrumptious cuisines (Hawker food of course! ). My favorite fried oyster egg, char kuey teow, har mee, laksa .. etc, which are so gonna lure your taste bud peeps! The authenticity of the hawker food, you could have it All in Penang!!   Yummy Penang !! Peeps, believe me, you just couldn’t find anywhere else like Penang !  Not trying to ” hard-selling ” la ..  x)


Journey of Memories..

Lots of memories created; Memories of having a trip to Penang with family, Memories of campus getaway with besties, and of course Memories with love ones  =) Memories of sharing Yummy Hawker Food together .. with contented smile on each other faces. Memories of walking on the street . Appreciation of the Heritage..etc I cherished Every Moment I had in Penang =)

Japheth ever asked me will you take Penang as a place where you could ” settle down ” ? My answer would be ” Why Not ? ” Cos it feels like home for me already =)




World’s Greatest Architectural Masterpiece — Taj Mahal

The Taj MahalSymbol of India , architectural jewel, monument to a grand passion. The Taj Mahal was built in the 17th century by Shah Jahan, the king of the world, ruler of India mighty Mogul Empire.

This great warrior king gave the world an architectural masterpiece of a kind that never seen before. This is how it came to be made. It’s also the legend of his queen, the beautiful Mumtaz Mahal, and of their love too perfect to survive. The chosen one of the palace will have her final resting place in the world’s most beautiful building. With the magnificent chamber of the Taj Mahal hide a secret. Shah Jahan will pay a terrible price to complete his life work and the turning point in India history.

Today, Taj Mahal was one of the Worlds’ greatest tourist distractions. Every year more than 3 million people come to see humanity loveliest building with their own eyes. But for the Indian nation, Taj Mahal is much more than an architectural masterpiece.

This is one of the monument makes India what it is. It gives the people their identity, it makes them proud. The building is the symbol of whole nation. The Taj Mahal was built in the most glorious period in Indian history. This creator, a man who dedicated his life to a dream, great Mogul Shah Jahan.  The building that emerged from his plan, perfectly combined grace and scales, power and beauty. The Taj Mahal, crown of the palace. The inner sanctum of the Taj Mahal is the tomb for Mumtaz Mahal, the love of Shah Jahan’s life. In her memory, the great Mogul created this eternal love poem in stone.

The building of the Taj commenced in 1632, an army of elephants began dragging construction materials to the Mogul capital. This would be the biggest building project of the age.  In a few short years, the shell of the Taj Mahal is complete, ready to be clad with flawless marble. Taj Mahal complete with a work force of more than 20,000 men. It was finally finished in 1653 at a cost of 32 million Rupee or $400 million in today’s prices.

The location of the Taj at the banks of the Yamuna River was a special challenge; rarely find ground solid enough to build them.

So, have to dig down until you hit hard dry earth. They came up with the brilliant solution to this problem. They decided to build a well foundation that was revolution idea for those times.

The great Mogul engineers dig deep well to build the water table, then they fill them up with rocks and water. On this space, the master builder erects stone columns links together by massive arches. The result, a solid mountain of stone to support the foundation of the building, protecting the Taj from the currents of the Yamuna River forever.

Everyday, countless visitors come to visit. Partly because the Mogul architect use some remarkable optical tricks. The first view of the monument was framed by the main gate. As the visitor moves closer, the Taj Mahal seems to get smaller. It seems to grow bigger if you walk away. The guide here says, when you leave, you take the Taj with you, in your heart.

As the visitor moves closer, the Taj Mahal seems to get smaller. It seems to grow bigger if you walk away.

The four tall pillars bring another advantage. In an earthquake, the pillars will collapse outward spearing the Taj and its mighty doom.

Today, we have other options, we can build giant supporting structure and steel for tomb like that .We have the other materials, but they have to solve all the problems in stone !!

There is the extraordinary appeal the Taj makes to our senses. Shah Jahan had the entire tomb faced in white marble.

Every hour, as the sun moves across the sky, the light changes the colour of the marble. Before dawn, it is a pearly grey, which quickly turns to pink as the sun rises. In the mid-day sun it is a dazzling white which turns to fiery gold as the sunsets.

Taj in Dawn

Taj in Sunrise

Taj in Sunset

In 1666, at the age of 74, Shah Jahan dies. His chronicle ends with the words

The King of the world has died, the body was taken by the river to the magnificent tomb of the late queen Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan is reunited with his chosen one of the palace. The legacy will make them immortal. The most perfect building in the world.


How Unaffordable is Hong Kong Housing?

When investment bankers start pontificating on Hong Kong’s housing and income inequality problems, you know it’s a serious problem.

A story and accompanying video by Polly Hui in the WSJ explores the problem of subdivided flats in Hong Kong as the government pledges it will address public anger over record house prices and reassess land policy.

J.P.Morgan has helpfully crunched the numbers in a note, “Unaffordable housing,” to show just how unaffordable housing has become for the general public and why the government’s cooling policies have been ineffective.

For starters, incomes are increasing nowhere near as fast as house prices; median household income in March 2011 was HK$19,100 (US$2451). More than 50% of families earn just HK$20,000 per month, and only 4.2% of households have an income over HK$100,000 a month.

Source : Wall Street Journal

The Problem with Fresh Grads Today !!

Chief reasons why employers shy away from hiring fresh graduates :

  1. Poor Attitude (including asking too much $$)
  2. Poor in English

Chief operating officer, Suresh Thiru :

Previous surveys named POOR ENGLISH as the main cause for unemployment, BAD ATTITUDE has now TOPPED THE LIST.

He said their attitudes were so bad that some did not even bother to inform the companies if they were running late or unable to attend scheduled interviews.

It was announced that the number of jobless graduates had increased from 65,500 to 71,600 although the overall unemployment rate had dropped from 3.4% last year to 3.1% during the first quarter of this year.

Employer says :

  •   We were also turned off by the lackadaisical attitude and lack of drive to improve among many of them.
  • Candidates have the misconception that they can earn high salaries at entry-level.
  • Some candidates had many offers in hand but acted unprofessionally in rejecting job offers – by not turning up for interviews or the first day at work.

Advises :

  • It is more important to join a company that can develop your skills and prepare you for future opportunities.

Cathryn says:

Attitude is the way you look at things around you. A positive disposition towards experiences shapes you for the rest of your life. Success and happiness at workplace largely depends on your attitude. Needless to say what the results will be if you have a winning attitude  =)

Source:  Malaysia Today